Idealabs has the ambition to build a strong and sustainable startup community in the creative city of Antwerp. The idealabs project is the combination of an entrepreneurial Hub in the center of Antwerp and a 3-month Accelerator program for startups.

  • We want to encourage the collision of skills in an open and democratic environment and believe it’s the only way to produce sustainable innovation.

    Collision of diverse people and skills in a unique setting. A place where an IT coder, an investor and a professor meet for coffee and start exchanging ideas and start building something. 

    New ideas, new successes, come from natural encounters with people with other backgrounds and education.

    We're located in the center of Antwerp. Our building, 2000 sqms of creative space, houses a vibrant community. We're hosting meaningful events, and trying to educate - inspire - and engage that community.

    Creating new entrepreneurs, and contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We have an open space for coworking, and companies can identify their intrapreneurs.

    "Collision of diverse people and skills in a unique setting."

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Our Team

Nicolas Verellen

He has a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation and experience as well in a large corporate as in a startup environment. Ideation of new physical and IT products, the development and validation phase and international scaling experience will be his key contribution to the whole idealabs community.

Els De Clercq

She holds a law degree from Ghent University and Harvard Law School and a degree in Corporate finance from Vlerick School. She has been a senior manager at Mckinsey&Company, the Belgian government, Belgacom and Microsoft. Els is General Manager of the non-profit organization Réseau Entreprendre/Netwerk Ondernemen.

Nicolas Mertens

He worked for The Next Web for several years. During his stay in Amsterdam he got introduced to the start up scene. He gained insight in the ins and outs of online entrepreneurship. Currently he is working for ICEPAY, a company that provides global payments for online entrepreneurs.

Cedric Deweeck

He is passionate about everything digital and startups, taking on idealabs as a first job was a logical step. Cedric has been with idealabs from the beginning, and helped with building out the brand and the accelerator. His background is in digital marketing.

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